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Jan 01, 2020

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Mini Retreat - 6 Hours of Fun!

Whether you're in town for only one day, or you live here, this spectacular all day excursion reveals the inner beauty of Evansville in a jam packed 

We'll pick you up and drop you off.

Experience the flavors of Evansville with your guests!

​Host your family, friends, or out-of-town guests with a fun, filling and informative private food tour. Pull up your chair and enjoy a whirlwind tasting tour of 4 different restaurants or beverage houses that you and your guests will talk about for years to come!

Select a tour:

Haynie's Corner, Franklin Street, Downtown on Main, Henderson, The Casino District, or New Harmony, A Chocolate Tour (there are currently two different chocolate tours to choose from: Franklin Street and Haynie's Corner.

Private tour pricing starts at a minimum of 5 times the cost of any given tour and any number from 1 to 5 people may attend. Each additional guest (6 through 11) is charged the regular tour price. Tour prices are payable in advance. Each private tour may have anywhere from 1 (one) to 11 (eleven) guests and only the guests you invite, and the tour guide, will be on it.

Contact Cheryl for details on each custom designed tour.


Restaurants come and go, menus change, hours change, they book private parties too, so some of the tours may not be exactly as posted. They will be similar and of equal value or better. And always fun!

For listings of the current tours go to the regular tour page. All public tours on that page are easily adaptable for private tours.

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