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Personal Chef, Cheryl Mochau, founder of Evansville Culinary Tours uses her skills honed from 28 years as a professional chef, writer and speaker to feature the many unique eateries in the area. Each tour is designed to showcase a variety of local eateries and their special dishes for down to earth foodie fun!


A few questions we've encountered along the way:

Are the Tours still operating? How do we get tickets?

No. The tours are closed for the duration of the COVID-19-20-21-22 Pandemic. It's impossible to experience a culinary tour while social distancing and wearing masks.

We'll leave the following FAQs for future reference.

Should I purchase tickets in advance?

First of all, there are no actual tickets. Yes, tours need to be purchased in advance so we may let our chefs and waitstaff know how many to cook for and how to set up the tables. We like to give the chefs at least a one day notice, so the cut off time is about 24 hours prior to the tour.


How do I order tickets?

Private tour tickets are available by appointment only, so please contact Cheryl directly at Public tours may be purchased on the "Tours" page    Just click on your tour selection and it will take you to PayPal for easy checkout. Or contact Cheryl via email for efficient ordering:  <> .


What if I don't want to pay for my tours through PayPal?

No problem. You may pay by check, but please text at 812-499-4631 or email   to register and get your tour reserved. We will respond with a confirmation ASAP when we get your order.

When and how long are the tours?

Public tours need to be scheduled in advance and are mostly on either Thursdays or Saturdays, but ask if you have another day in mind. Typical lunch tours run about two to two and a half hours, while dinner tours may run as long as three hours.


Why is there a 24 hour cut off between the final ticket sales and the actual tour?

A lot goes on behind the scenes to make these tours happen in a timely fashion, and we need time to do it right. Scheduled public tours are similar to private private in that we need time to contact each restaurant, reserve tables and order the food in advance. Experience has taught us that a minimum 24 hour cut off is important to the chefs and staff. For that reason we no longer add people at the last minute. UNLESS its a pop-up tour, then all bets are off because we're flying by the seat of our pants!

Do we all order what we want off each menu?

No, the food has already been selected and the order placed the day before the tour. This ensures our group will have time to arrive, taste and leave each stop on schedule.


How much food will be served on the tours?

Each sample will be about one quarter, or one third of a typical portion, but it varies. Some tours will fill you up and have you waddling home, others will leave you feeling like you ate, but aren’t overly stuffed. Since we move along at a moderate pace to 3, 4 or 5 eateries per tour, it is advisable NOT to arrive to the tour famished. The tour is designed to introduce specialty food and drink over the course of a couple of hours. Though it's taken into consideration, the menu is not always going to add up to a nutritionally balanced meal.


Are drinks included in the tour?

The restaurants will set us up with water, so we'll always be well hydrated. You may choose to purchase soda or adult beverages upon arrival, but be ready to pay the server for them immediately so we aren’t delayed waiting for your check. Some tours include coffee, beer or wine as a featured sample and you will be informed of it at the start of the tour. Beer and wine sample sizes vary by the restaurant, but for safety's sake none are served to excess.

Will I get a discount if I order extra early, or if I wait until the last minute to book my tour?



Do I need to purchase a ticket even if I don’t plan to taste?

Yes. The ticket price covers the whole experience, not only the food and gratuity but also the tour guide's wages. Our servers also like to be paid and that comes out of the ticket price.


Are children welcome on the tours?

Yes, children are welcome on any tours without an age 21 or older restriction (in Indiana no children may be in a restaurant with a bar that has NO dividing wall separating dining from drinking areas). No children may attend tours held at wineries, breweries and bars without a dividing wall. The tours run about two hours long, so keep that in mind when considering bringing children.


Do I need to purchase a ticket for my children?

Yes, all children over the age of 2 need a purchased ticket. There is no special pricing for children.


What should I wear on the tour?

Casual clothes and comfortable shoes are perfect for our tours. You might consider a hat, sunglasses or an umbrella  for personal comfort.


What about tipping?

ECT will pay for the tasting samples and will include a minimum of 20% tip at each of the stops. You may tip extra if you wish but it isn't expected.


Do tours run in bad weather?

Scheduled tours run when it rains. Accumulating snow, sleet, tornados and hurricanes cancel tours. In other words, if the authorities ask us to stay off the roads, we stay off the roads. There are no refunds so plan to reschedule a tour or transfer the tour to someone else.


What about private tours?

Private tours have the distinction of having only known guests, plus the tour guide on the tour. Private tour pricing starts at a minimum of 5 times the cost of any given tour and any number from 1 to 5 people may attend at that price. Each additional guest (6 through 11) is charged the regular tour price. Each private tour may have anywhere from 1 (one) to 11 (eleven) guests and only the guests you invite as well as the tour guide will be on it.


Private tours have the added benefit, if prearranged with the guide, that guests may order bar beverages and have them applied to the bill to be paid by the guide at the time, but reimbursed by the host the following day. This offers a gracious, seamless way to entertain guests without the awkwardness of anyone reaching for their wallets to pay for their own beverages.

Why would anyone want to book a private tour?

Private tours are perfect for entertaining any guests who want a big dose of Evansville fun in a short amount of time. Also, great for a celebrating couple, or a couple of couples, birthdays, anniversaries, or for up to 11 people who just want to spend time together without the hassles of choosing the food, beverages or having to pay at each place. Small family reunions (we grew up in this neighborhood!) or a fun celebration for brides to have a fun fling with bridesmaids before the Big Day! Or, as a bridal or baby shower with gifts planted along the way and family and friends ready and waiting with more gifts at the last stop. A private tour is an especially thoughtful gift when presented for employee appreciation, or as a "Thank You" from Realtors to home buyers. Wouldn't that be a nice welcome to town!


How many people are on each tour?

ECT caps most tours at 11 guests plus the guide, unless otherwise stated. This allows everyone to hear well at the table, assures everyone will have a decent sized sample to taste and makes it easier for restaurants to seat our group together.

How do we contact Evansville Culinary Tours?

Email, texts, voicemail or Facebook works best for ECT since it's a one-woman show at this point. That woman is actually a Personal Chef in real life, which makes it difficult to always answer the phone. Thanks for understanding.



Facebook search: Evansville Culinary Tours



Evansville Culinary Tours acts solely as an agent for restaurants, wineries and breweries, and cannot be held responsible for injuries, accidents, damages of any kind caused by the companies or its people we encounter on the tours. ECT reserves the right to make changes to the tour destinations on an as-needed basis. You are responsible for your own well-being while on the tours, including avoiding known allergens and risky behavior.

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